Love Your Business.
Love Your Life.

I'm Michelle.

I'm the founder and CEO of IndigaMedia. I help conscious business owners and organizations grow their business online. BUT WHAT I REALLY DO IS... >>>

I Make You Irresistible.

I translate your ideas and vision into strategies, words, and images that unleash the essence and spirit of your brand. Your ideal clients can't help but want more.

I created IndigaMedia as a marketing communications company with heart and soul. I’m a content strategist, marketing engineer, copywriter, co-creator, photographer, consultant... you name it – I've probably done it.

My marketing journey began when I realized that storytelling, social media, and digital marketing were not only the most enjoyable, but one of the smartest ways to grow the largest non-profit health care system in Western North Carolina, my employer at the time. It was time to come head to head with "the way things had always been done."

I made it my mission to persuade hesitant hospital CEOs, attorneys, doctors, and nurses of the urgent need for a social presence. Then, I worked in the trenches with my team, as we guided the organization through a digtial transformation.

Since then, I've worked with small business owners; non-profit trade associations; an international business coaching company; entrepreneurs; life coaches; executive coaches; acupuncturists; therapists, creators of women's movements, and the list goes on.

Together we make your vision a beautiful, living, breathing reality.

The real reason I created this company, was to do what I love and to choose who I work with. My clients call me a visionary marketing engineer, with a keen intuition to see things they don’t.

Our mission is to help conscious business owners create a unique and compelling brand identity, marketing strategy, and stand-out content that aligns with their purpose, so that they can grow their business online, do what they love, AND improve lives.

We work closely with select small businesses, non-profits, and start-ups with a passion-inspired mission. Our clients are ready to change how they’ve been doing things and create a strong online presence with marketing and authentic communication that aligns with their purpose and mission.

We serve our clients by:

  • Discovering and creating their unique brand identity.
  • Engineering a personalized integrated marketing strategy.
  • Developing a stand-out content strategy.

All we do is designed to bring brands to life, attract your ideal clients, and turn your followers into loyal customers.

Who We Serve

Our Clients ARE smart and savvy purpose-driven small business owners who want to make the world a better place. They are passionate about what they do, and are willing to do the work to meet their goals. Our clients offer quality products or services that help their clients advance and live better lives.


Our clients are NOT closed off to new ways of marketing. They do not avoid doing the work to improve their products and services. They do not expect quick one-off tactics that have no strategy behind them – as they know that those do not work.


What sets us apart and why our clients love working with us: We believe in what you do. And if we don't, then you're free to do any of our programs but we don't work with you on a one-on-one basis. So those we DO work with, know that we are 100% in their corner. It's a win-win. We're all happy with what we're doing with our lives. And, we're a force of good in the world. Idealistic? Hell, yes! But that's what we're about.


We get close and personal (not in a weird way), but just enough to have fun and make sure you are heard and understood every step of the way. Michelle is highly involved with all marketing strategy and leads our clients as well as our team. Our work together is in-depth and involves getting to know you, your hopes, dreams and desires, as well as what you don’t love doing in your business.


Our clients love the customized strategy and plan that we create for them, which is expertly engineered to get results, while completely aligning with their purpose, beliefs and goals. There is no one size fits all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Based on your needs, we determine what will serve you and your business best. We offer 3, 6 and 12-month packages.
I do not offer single sessions, unless you would like a 1-hour strategy session where we review what you have done in terms of marketing, and what exactly you need to be doing in order to meet your goals. This session is $250, or included as a bonus on your first month’s invoice, if you sign up for a package.
We’re honest with you and let you know when something is going to take longer than you imagine it would. A common misconception about online marketing is that it will happen overnight. It won’t. So if that’s what you want, then stop reading right now.

When we create your brand identity, you have a new, clear way of communicating to attract the right prospects.

Our marketing strategy and plans are designed to be effective. We focus on our goals and all we do is geared towards meeting those goals.

It is important to know that this is not a quick fix plan of one-off tactics.

Don’t flip flop and decide you’re going to adopt every new marketing tactic you see; remain consistent with our marketing; yet also be willing to be flexible – as we go, we tweak our plan based on the data and results we are seeing. You have to be willing to collaborate and have fun with this.

Ready to make your ideas reality?